Sofia, 54 G. M. Dimitrov Blvd, phone number: +359 883 445 008



The art of confectionery is our mission, which we pursue year after year with great devotion, persistence, and love. Indie Baker didn’t happen by chance and creating irresistible treats is more than just another business venture for us. We invest a lot of time and our own selves in each detail, striving for the perfect homemade recipe and celebrating the sweet side of life every day.

Indie Baker officially opened its doors in 2018, but to make this happen, we’ve been thinking up and making irresistible desserts for more than five years. That’s how much we needed to come to a result we can be truly proud of. If this sounds crazy to you – feel challenged to bake two identical batches of brownies.

With unlimited quantities of enthusiasm, we crafted a few very special recipes together with a process that guarantees perfect results each time. We make everything by hand in our own bakery with the hope that our special attention is evident. Try and see for yourself!