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To devote yourself to the art of making brownies day after day, you must truly love chocolate. Our recipe has plenty of it and we don’t compromise on quality. With great care and attention, we selected the best ingredients to craft this irresistible dessert we always show off with: 

  • Dark Belgian chocolate
  • Full-fat Dutch cocoa 
  • Fresh eggs

These are a crucial part and the perfect base for the different kinds of brownies we bake. The combination of dark Belgian chocolate and full-fat cocoa gives our brownies a rich and full chocolate flavor you can never get enough of. The heart of the dessert is juicy and chewy, while the crust stays perfectly crunchy. Our brownies are all made by hand in small batches in the bakery of Indie Baker. 

The result is simple – whoever tries a bite, inevitably spends a few seconds with eyes closed. This is good enough for us!



IB_BOX_BrownieMockUp_Blueberry.png12 × 80 g