Sofia, 54 G. M. Dimitrov Blvd, phone number: +359 883 445 008

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The carefully crafted cookies of Indie Baker are the perfect addition to your morning coffee ritual and your afternoon cup of tea. Whenever you decide to enjoy one (or two, we don’t judge you), this is a wonderful reason to slow down and smile at life. 

We created them to suit every taste: with crispy chocolate chips, aromatic and cozy cinnamon, exotic coconut flakes, energizing cranberries, as well as double chocolate – for those of us who can never get enough chocolate in their lives. 

Each cookie is unique, made carefully by hand in the Indie bakery, and never identical with another. Pick your most favorite flavor and turn it into a yummy ritual for a happier day. 



IB_BOX_CookieMockUp_ChocolateChip.png12 × 70 g